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Forget Plane Tickets and Hotels, RV’s are Most Economical for Vacations

Vacations often mean searching the Web for the best deals on air fare and lodging. Yet, if you are looking for true economy, recreational vehicles are the true money savers when it comes to travel.

A survey conducted by PKF Consulting USA through the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) found that if four people travel in a folding camping trailer, lightweight travel trailer, compact motorhome, type C or type A motorhome, they save from 27 to 62 percent. If two people take their journey in a travel home, their savings ranged from 14 to 48 percent.

The survey compared vacations taken by 2 sets of travel parties: 4 people with 2 adults and 2 children and 2 people, both adults. PKF compared how much it cost to go to 9 popular vacation spots in a motorhome versus the expense of flying, rental cars, hotels, and eating out.

The foursomes saved as much as 62 percent using a folding camping trailer, 53 percent in a lightweight travel trailer, and 48 percent if a compact motorhome or type C motorhome was used. Type A motorhome users saved 38 percent.

The two person party travellers saved up to 48 percent in a folding camping trailer, 36 percent in a lightweight travel trailer, 32 percent in a compact motorhome, 28 percent in a type C motorhome and 14 percent in a type A motorhome.

PKF also analyzed fluctuating gasoline prices and how they might impact vacation costs. The results showed that for travelling parties of 4, gasoline prices would have to rise to $12.00 per gallon before recreational vehicle use is no longer economical. For 2 people, prices would have to increase to $6.00 per gallon.

Overall, RV may be an abbreviation for “recreational vehicle,” but those letters could also mean “real value” when it comes to vacation travel. Not to mention, you also save precious time by not standing in long lines waiting to get through airport security and hailing taxis. You have everything you need in a recreational vehicle if you want to save money and avoid the normal stresses of vacation travel.

Information provided by RV Business