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Consumer Demand Means Greater RV Shipments

If you are contemplating a trip this fall to view the colorful foliage in New England, the Midwest and areas of the Rocky Mountains, you may consider making your journey in a recreational vehicle to get better view of the scenery. You’ll probably see a lot of other folks doing the same thing, as RV wholesale shipments continued to rise through the first half of 2014 to keep up with consumer demand.

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s survey of manufacturers, more than 192,000 units were delivered to retailers through June 2014, an increase of nearly 10 percent compared to the first half of 2013. Among towable RV shipments, which make up 88 percent of the market, conventional travel trailers made up the greatest amount of this total with nearly 120,000 units, an increase of better than 10 percent. Fifth wheel deliveries increased more than 8 percent to better than 41,000 units.

Motorhome shipments rose nearly 20 percent over June last year, as type A motorhome shipments were up nearly 23 percent to more than 11,000 units, type B motorhomes increased nearly 44 percent to nearly 1,600 units, and type C motorhomes saw a 14 percent increase with better than 10,000 units delivered to dealers.

Why are more consumers considering a recreational vehicle as a great investment? RV owners responding to a Harris interactive survey said their vehicles have allowed them to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and to solidify bonds with their families. They said recreational vehicles also provide perks such as healthier eating on the road, sleeping in your own bed and having your own bathroom.

They also save money on travel expenses when ownership costs and fuel are included, and are versatile enough so they may be used on weekend camping trips close to home, tailgating, and other outdoor leisure activities. Most RV buyers can also deduct the interest from the loan on their taxes if they claim the purchase as a second home mortgage.

The popularity of recreational vehicles will continue to increase as more consumers realize the advantages of owning one. Fortunately, dealers are making it easy as more RV’s are being delivered to their lots. Speak to a retailer today to find out if it’s the right investment for you.